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Booking Newsflash!!! We are now able to run our Summer Holiday Sessions from 10am to 3pm! Bookings are open for Summer Holiday Sessions and Autumn term 2022 sessions.

We follow current government Covid-19 guidelines, which frequently change.


Watch our Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates.
In the meantime, stay safe and practice social distancing.

We offer forest school nursery care as well as activities for pre-school children, after school clubs, school holiday sessions, school curriculum sessions and ‘wild’ Forries birthday parties, encouraging child led play and learning in a natural environment. Our forest school sessions are based in woodland settings throughout South East London, namely at Eliot Pit wood, Blackheath, Manor House Gardens, Hilly Fields and Manor Park.

Forries Nursery School

Starting soon, we will open Forries Nursery School in our Blackheath setting, Eliot Pit wood, a little, hidden ‘green gem’ just off Blackheath.

Forries School Sessions

Pre-School 'Forest Sprite' - After School Club - School Holiday Sessions - Forries Birthday Parties - School Curriculum Sessions

What is Forest School?

Forest School is an innovative, child led approach to outdoor play and learning. This ethos of outdoor learning started in Scandinavia and is growing in popularity in the UK. It is fun and unhurried. It is focused on process not product. 

Research shows that children benefit from being outdoors and at Forries Education we encourage children from Early Years to Key Stage 2 (3 to 11 years old for non-teacher folk, though we had children from 18 months join us) to have adventures and take responsibilities. They develop confidence and resilience by learning how best to take risks, cooperate, negotiate and compromise with each other whilst stretching their legs as well as their imagination.

In reality, that means outdoor fun, tools, mud and dens and lots of climbing fallen trees in the rain and snow.

Have a look at our Instagram and Facebook galleries to see that it works in practice.

Please note, we usually take photos of the children during sessions to use on the website and social media to promote Forries Education. Every effort is made to avoid showing faces, and the children are never named. Please let us know by email is you do not want your children to be photographed.

Meet the founder

Forries Education was founded by James Hazlerigg-Kinlay, a Waldorf Steiner trained teacher, horticulturalist, garden designer, Forest School Level 3 practitioner, paediatric outdoor first aid trained, DBS (CRB) checked, father and lover of mud! All staff are DBS checked, have relevant experience, are qualified where necessary and share a love of learning outdoors.

'Dear James, the vision and ethos of Forest Schools appears to me to offer something distinctive to parents, many of whom will compare their childhoods spent outdoors with the reduced opportunities for their own children. This can be especially so in London, and other big cities, where it is not always easy to find safe, natural spaces where children can explore nature and learn at the same time. I wish you all the best with your initiative and hope future generations of Lewisham children will be able to develop an interest and understanding of the natural environment which is on their doorstep but which can often be so hidden.'

Heidi Alexander
Deputy Mayor of London for Transport, former MP for Lewisham East and former Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Forries Nursery School

Each day is filled with new experiences that cannot be found indoors

We will open the Forries Nursery School in our Blackheath setting, Eliot Pit wood, a little, hidden ‘green gem’ just off Blackheath. Each day is filled with new experiences that cannot be found indoors which range from building dens, climbing trees, treasure hunts, woodland craft, wildlife exploration to name but a few. Our children learn how to appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature, care for and respect their environment, learn new skills and have lots of fun in the process.

A typical day at Forries Nursery School

  • We meet at our ‘drop-off’ place near Eliot Pit wood at 9.30am.
  • We will spend the bulk of our time in the woods, at our base camp.
  • We walk back to our ‘drop-off’ place in time for collection at 2.30.
  • Children need a packed lunch. We provide water for drinking, snacks and fruit.

Term Dates

The nursery school will be open term dates.


In Blackheath, near our woodland site at Eliot Pit wood.


£60 per day/session
£180 per week
Fees will be due monthly

For more information about the Forries Nursery School, contact James on forrieseducation@hotmail.com

Forries School Sessions

Out of the classrooms and into the wild they go

Research backs up what forest school practitioners have known all along. Our children are stimulated by the outdoors and typically experience, over time, an increase in their self-belief, confidence, learning capacity, communication and problem-solving skills and emotional well-being.


We offer the following forest school sessions:

Pre-School Sessions 'Forest Sprite'

Join us for treasure hunts, finding mini-beasts, making animals from clay, mini boat building, den building, sploshing in puddles, mud painting, singing, games & lots of fun!

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

When & where?

Pre-school ‘Forest Sprite’ sessions run from 10 – 12am.

How much?

Prices depending on number of sessions per term. Go to ‘Notices & New Sessions’ to find the latest term dates and prices.

After School Club

Out of the classrooms and into the wild they go…

Those who want to join us for a FREE first session/ taster session will notice the excitement when our after school club children arrive hopping, skipping and ready to explore.

Each term covers around 13 /14 sessions, depending on term length. The last session of each term is our fire session, marking the break for half term or holidays. The children will make and bake their own bread, enjoy popping corn and making S’mores over the fire.

When & where?

After school club sessions run from 4.00 – 6.00pm. Sessions only run during Lewisham term time.

  • Mondays in the shade garden at Hilly Fields Near the Francis Drake Bowls Club.
  • Wednesdays at Hilly Fields. Near the Francis Drake Bowls Club.
  • Fridays at Manor Park. Base camp is near the Longhurst Road entrance of the park.
    Trinity Primary School children are collected and will change into forest school clothes. They are collected at our base camp by parents/carers.

How much?

Prices depending on number of sessions per term. Go to ‘Notices & New Sessions’ to find the latest term dates and prices.

School Holiday Sessions

Do you want your child to have a holiday spent in a woodland setting? While we can’t guarantee the weather, you can rest assured that they will be having fun, making new friends, learning valuable life skills out in the fresh air come rain or shine. They may come home muddy but never bored!

Dates for school holiday sessions are announced during the half-term preceding the holiday in the Notices & New Sessions section.

Make sure you follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles for updates and upcoming sessions!

Forries Birthday Parties

Give your son or daughter a ‘Forries’ adventure for a party they’ll remember for years. Following a theme they will be taken on a fantastic journey with guided activity, time to free play, building and lighting a fire and toasting marshmallows (fire optional) and picnic lunch/tea.

Activities could include… Whittling swords and magic wands, making bows & arrows, mini beast hunts, clay modelling, forest school jewellery making, den building and maybe even a bit of mud!


You can choose to celebrate in your own garden or one of the sites we use; Manor Park, Manor House Gardens or Mountsfield Park.

How much?

£250 for 2 hours and up to 14 children.

What you get

All equipment & activities, which will include things the group make and take away with them, marshmallows for toasting on the fire (fire optional). Fully qualified and DBS (CRB) checked staff.

You provide

Just two additional adults, party food, cake and drinks.

To discuss your requirements, contact James on 07895608431 or email forrieseducation@hotmail.com 

School Curriculum Sessions

Working alongside the school staff sessions can be one-off or, for more impact, regular visits to enhance the student’s learning by bringing a subject to life.

Long-term programmes support contact with nature through all seasons and in all weathers. As a minimum we would prefer one group to participate for half a term. The longer the programme the more beneficial it will be.

Here are some examples of what can be done:

  • The PTA could fund all Year 1s to have a session once a week for 6 weeks
  • The school has funding in its school development plan and we can help start their Forest School journey by taking their Year 1s out once a week for 6 weeks 
  • Year 3s taken out for half a day to compliment their curriculum theme on natural art and mini beasts.

These sessions take place during the school day and are arranged by the school.

Please approach your child’s school about organising these sessions with us.

General FAQs

  • Covid-19 Policy 
    Please read our Forries Covid-19 Policy here.
    Update 24/10/20: In order to be able to continue running Forest School during the ongoing pandemic, we have to limit the number of adults in base camp during sessions to 6. Parents who cannot be in the circle are welcome to be in the parks with their children in their sight. I.e. when we play ‘1,2,3, where r u?’, they are encouraged to link up with their children for this game. 
    We are aware this is not easy for anyone, but it is what we have to do to continue Forest School.
    Fine tuning these arrangements will be done by consensus and on an ongoing basis.
  • What aged children do you work with?
    – We work with EYFS to Key Stage 2.  We had children attending from as early as 18 months to 11 years.  From 1 to 100: forest school fun and learning is ageless.
  • What should children wear? 
    – Dress for the weather, it is always cooler in the woods, legs/feet must be covered.  Be prepared to get muddy and wet and a waterproof top layer (jacket and trousers) is always recommended. Waterproofs and wellies in the winter; sun hat and sunscreen in the summer.
  • Will my child enjoy forest school? 
    – Not sure? We offer a free trial for you to give it a go before committing to the rest of the term or 1/2 term.
  • Is it safe for young children to work with tools?
    – Tools are introduced under supervision and their use is monitored closely and only used in base camp. Every single tool is introduced with a tool talk and step-by-step instructions. Children are never left alone using tools.
  • What about fire? Is that dangerous?
    – Fire is only used in our end of term sessions. As with tools, fire making is introduced with guidance and is closely monitored. Fires are placed in a metal fire pit and extinguished with water.
  • Will the children get food? 
    – Healthy snacks are provided in line with healthy eating guidelines at every session; some of the following – brioche, raisins, oatcakes, rice cakes and bread sticks are available. We offer drinks with the snacks.
  • What if the weather is extremely bad, rain, ice… end of the world-like?
    – We will only cancel a session in high winds, storms, extremely heavy rain and will contact the email you provided when booking in the event of a cancellation.
  • Do you ever cancel a session? 
    – Only in extreme weather (see above) or if our staffing means we cannot meet our adult:child ratio. We will contact the email you provided when booking in the event of a cancellation.
    – If we have to cancel sessions due to Covid, in line with government guidance, we will offer credits for these sessions where possible.
  • Will I get a refund if I miss a session?
    – We cannot refund you for the odd missed session due to illness or previous plans. We offer a free trial for you to give it a go before committing to the rest of the term or 1/2 term. However, if you decide to book a block of sessions, you are agreeing that your child will attend most of the sessions, as they run on a linear process with a build-up of skills over time. Once you have booked a block of sessions, this is taken as a commitment to this process by attending as many as you can. If you decide that you no longer want to attend the sessions, we don’t refund for those sessions that you have missed. In exceptional circumstances we offer a credit for future sessions for both holiday and term time.
  • What if I cancel my booking for Forest School Sessions during the holidays? – Refunds are not generally made less than 5 working days before the sessions are due to start. We usually give a credit note for future holiday sessions.
  • Can I drop & go? – During Pre-School ‘Forest Sprite’ sessions, children need to be accompanied by an adult.  For all other sessions, you can drop & go, once your child is toilet trained and happy to be left. Otherwise join the fun!


e-mail: forrieseducation@hotmail.com

Tel: 02082970130
Mobile: 07895608431